How does Callbox work?

What is Callbox?

Callbox is a new VoIP communicator, unique on the market, which allows the user to connect to telephone networks. Its principal advantages include: simplicity of operation, high quality and low cost of connections, the possibility of making calls without credit cards, as well as the lack of any formalities related to the use of this application. It is not necessary to log in, provide an e-mail, establish an account. The application, downloaded from the Internet, is installed by two mouse clicks, and the application is ready to work.

How does it work?

Callbox is a simple solution, which allows voice to be sent over the Internet. To use cheap Callbox connections, it is sufficient to download the software, install it by two mouse clicks and buy a telepin card of any nominal value. The application is easy to operate: after selecting a number, one provides the PIN code from the cared and … talk for next to nothing! The money is not kept on any account – they are ascribed to the code obtained from the telepin card. This is a reliable and secure manner of spending money on the internet, without providing the credit card number, without burdensome procedure of bank transfers. It provides full control over costs and, which is even more important, gives the possibility of making a call from any computer connected to the network.


What is the sound quality?

High quality of connections is very important to us. Therefore, a reasonable permanent connection to the Internet is sufficient to ensure calls without crackling noise, interruptions or delays. We would like to invite you to test our service. It is so simple! In case of questions or doubts, please go to our help section.

They recommend us:

Katarzyna Szczecin

I use Callbox to talk with my husband, when he is on business trips. I often call him, when he is abroad. The calls are really cheap and quality is excelent!

Marek W.
Przedsiębiorca z Łodzi

Some of my business partners living abroad. Thanks to Callbox, I can negotiate with them much longer, than using normal phone. Costs are so low!

Łukasz T. Poznań

Since I have been using Callbox in my firm, I save considerable amounts on telephone bills!